After a search across 40 Thousand UK families, we're excited to announce the winners for the new animation 'Energy of Change'. 


Ese, 13

Stephanie, 12

Theia, 5

Harry, 10

Kyas, 11

Halima, 8

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'Energy of Change' 

Solving the #PlasticCrisis and #CarbonCrisis ​is all about the choices we make going forward as a society. Our planet needs cleaning and it's up to all of us to Clean Our Planet.

To help the world to turn off the Plastic Tap and reduce the Carbon Emissions, Clean Planet Energy, in association with the UK's leading child talent agency, have picked SIX young-people have been selected to be the voices of an animated short-film series that will be released in Winter 2020. Read our full blog post.


If we’re going change the world, achieve the seemingly impossible, we’ll have to achieve it with those whose future it impacts most, for people and businesses alike we’re entering an era of the Clean Planet Economy

Clean Our Planet - Energy of Change

Coming, Winter 2020

Meet the 'Energy Of Change' Voices 

Halima, 8

 "I can show my friends and family the animated series and they can share it with others so that lots of people see and learn and help. I feel proud that I can be a helper to mother earth. It's so exciting. "

Harry, 10

 "It makes me sad and angry when I see other people dropping litter. I am looking forward to helping get a positive message to young people about the importance of caring for our planet. "


 "I'm ever so excited to try and help the planet any way I can. I think this project can really elevate the awareness of climate change and plastic pollution. I think some children don't know enough about the consequences, so I'd love if people knew more about it to help our planet. "

Kyas, 11

 "I have always loved drawing and cartoons so when I found out I got the part, my excitement ROCKETED up to space!!! I like to think that since most young people like cartoons, so if they saw this one, they could be encouraged to make a change!!! "

Ese, 13

 "Since hearing the news i was so happy that I would be able to encourage young people to start learning about the need for a cleaner planet. I was also very excited as I am now able to express my joy for cleaning the planet with many others hoping they will start doing the same. "

Theia, 5 

 "I am excited that I will help people stop hurting the animals, I love the animals and they help us too. I think it’s going to be funny hearing my voice on a cartoon, I hope I’m good enough. "

Throughout 2019 & 2020 we searched for our voices of change. We asked over 40,000 families to show how they are helping slow the #PlasticCrisis and #ClimateCrisis.

With the winners now announced, here are 3 compilation videos of just some of the amazing ways young people are doing around the UK:



See the Winners of all the prizes below  


  • Each will become the voice of the main characters in the animated short series.

  • Each main prize winner will win £120 in cash.

  • Parent(s)/legal-guardian(s) will get a Clean Planet Energy t-shirt too!


  • The main winners and the  other finalists will each receive a Clean Planet Energy eco T-shirt in their size.

  • Each finalist will receive a certificate! 



  • The first fifteen (15) valid Facebook entries, and up to 2 parents or legal guardians will receive Clean Planet Energy t-shirts! 


  • 5 (five) randomly selected, appropriate/valid entries, and up to 2 parents or legal guardians will receive Clean Planet Energy t-shirts, so everyone has a chance to win!

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