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We are obsessed about saving nature. Human impact is devastating our natural environment. In addition to the actions of our ecoPlants we are in the process of setting up a foundation to support other projects that will help clean our oceans, and our air. 

Before the process is complete, we've already begun activities to help educate and inform. See more below.

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The world in macro is responsible for life as we know it. From breaking down organic material, to pollinating the majority of food we eat today, without 'bugs' our life is threatened.

Human impact is critically damaging the macro populations; #LetItThrive is a series of short nature documentaries exploring their importance. Watch Series 1 on catchup today, Series 2 returns Spring 2020.


Clean Our Planet

Engaging young people in taking actions now to help the environment will set the direction of the planet's future. 


The 'Clean Our Planet' campaign is engaging young people let us know about their environmental concerns and engage with them in launching an animated series of their voice. 


foundation [@]

We are looking to financially support local people, with ideas to help the environment in their local area.


If you have a project, no matter how small, please get in touch so we can understand your needs. 

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