To educate, raise awareness and help take actions against the impact of plastic & carbon pollution.

Formally Launching Q2 2022

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Clean Planet are in the process of incorporating a foundation, however we've already begun our non-profit work: 

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The world in macro is responsible for life as we know it. From breaking down organic material, to pollinating the majority of food we eat today, without 'bugs' our life is threatened.

Human impact is critically damaging the macro populations; #LetItThrive is a series of short nature documentaries exploring their importance. Watch Series 1 on catchup today.


Engaging young people in taking actions now to help the environment will set the direction of the planet's future. 


The 'Clean Our Planet' campaign is engaging young people let us know about their environmental concerns and engage with them in launching an animated series of their voice. 

Calm Sea
We simply can't beat these crises alone. 
"How can I make a difference?"
The question above is the most common we receive from you at home. That's why we created the Clean Planet Collective, for adults, and the Clean Planet Club for kids.