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To educate, raise awareness and help take actions against the impact of plastic & carbon pollution.

The Clean Planet Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation, running independently of Clean Planet Energy. 


By providing continued support for the education, awareness and taking-actions relating to the plastic and climate crises, the Clean Planet Foundation will increase the participation and future funding of wider initiatives for us all.

Launch Projects:


Plastic Peninsula

An expedition to the Poles in January 2024 seeking if micro/nano particles of plastic exist in remote snow-fall, plus other climate science and education. 


Micro Eco Grants

Micro eco grants (up to £2k each, average £750) for local community projects focussed on plastic, carbon or better life projects.

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Monthly magazine and annual-hardback to support a younger audience in engaging with bettering the environment - check it out

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Weekly newsletter for adults, showing “The Good”, “The Bad”, “The Different” and “The Action Plan”. To give adults a snippet of what’s going on in the world without needing to go out their way. 

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Calm Sea
We simply can't beat these crises alone. 
"How can I make a difference?"
The question above is the most common we receive from you at home. That's why we created the Clean Planet Collective, for adults, and the Clean Planet Club for kids.
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