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We simply cannot beat these crises alone.
We believe that Everyone
deserves better.
We can stop 412kg of CO2 per barrel of CPE clean-fuel used.
We stop 20K tonnes of plastic waste, per ecoPlant, per year.
Together can we make a bigger difference:
Note: If you're a Local Authority or Private Business view our partner page.
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HAPSIE, from Clean Planet Energy, delivers endless HAPSINESS to young people and grown-ups alike. Our aim is to amuse 🤣, amaze 😮, and educate 🎓 everyone who follows. 

Every week there is a new story from one of the 10+ brilliant HAPSIE crew. Most of the time they are helping us better the environment and world around us, other times they are just being a little bit silly.

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For Adults

Clean Planet Collective

"What can I do to help?"
"How can I make a difference?"
"Who can I support to help beat the crisis?"
The questions above are the most common we receive from you at home. That's why we created the Clean Planet Collective, for adults.  
The CPC creates a simple mix & match action plan to sort and simplify the information out there, so you can help make a difference. We have two plans:

Clean Planet Collective

* FREE *

Starter Member

+ Clean Planet Weekly Action Plan.

Simple, clear, weekly action plan about both small (and bigger) actions you can take at home and in public to actually make a difference. Mix & match actions to take, when you have time. Check out a sample


Clean Planet Collective


Planet Member

(or £50 a year)

+ Clean Planet Weekly Action Plan.

See 'Starter Member' description above.

+ Clean Planet Hoodie or T-shirt

Show your support with the top of your choice

+ 1 tree planted in the Clean Planet Grove

We'll plant a tree in your name in the Clean Planet Grove with our platinum partner


+ Named supporter for our next planning application

Every ecoPlant can stop 20,000 tonnes of plastic entering our environment each year. Your membership will support the next planning application, and you'll be thanked (by name) at the ecoPlant. 

+ Free Year to the Clean Planet Club (for kids & family)

Year 1 is always free for kids & family, but you can give your family or friend's family their next paid year free. Or 'pass it on' to someone you don't know!

+ Planet Monthly Roll Call

You may have professional expertise and/or spare time and can help Clean Planet's growth. A monthly personal roll call from the Clean Planet team looking at how you can support, just for Planet members. 

+ Badge & Letter of thanks from the Clean Planet CEO

An exclusive member badge made from recycled plastic, and a personal letter of thanks from the Clean Planet CEO, simply by joining you're making a difference. 


Who are we?


Learn about who we are, what we stand for, and our long-term mission. 

We work directly with Local Authorities and Businesses to reduce pollution & increase recycling rates.

We are more than recycling and ultra-clean fuel. We are Clean Planet Energy!

Learn about Clean Planet future projects including our mobile ecoPlant & Black Bag ®

Formally launching in Q1 2023, the foundation's work is to educate, raise awareness and help take actions against the impact of plastic & carbon pollution. 
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