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Business Development Coordinator (FR)

Business Development Department


As the Business Development Coordinator (based in the France), the job will be an exciting opportunity for a candidate who really wants to learn about all aspects of business in the Clean Tech industry. You will be getting invaluable hands-on experience, working with commercial, operations and technical teams. The position will report to the Commercial & Business Development Director of CPE and French Leadership team. 

The skills and knowledge you acquire in this role will likely serve you very well in your future careers. Equally there is the real prospect to develop the role and make it your own.


Clean Planet Energy (CPE) is a cleantech, renewable and alternative energy company, converting non-recyclable waste plastics into ultra-clean commercial grade fuels and circular-oils which emit negligible sulphur and nitrous oxide content, and significantly lower CO2 emissions. CPE’s mission is to remove over 1 million tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment every year. We will achieve this mission by continuously devising and implementing sustainable green technologies and processes (such as the Clean Planet ecoPlant) that prevent toxic plastic waste from damaging the earth’s environment and oceans, while also reducing the world’s demand for high-emission fossil fuels and petrochemicals products. We aim to divert non-recyclable waste plastics away from the word’s landfills, incinerators, and oceans - a major environmental win. 

CPE are developing and deploying a series of environmentally friendly EcoPlants; a process plant designed and engineered to accept almost any waste plastic (feedstock) and, through various chemical processes, convert the waste into commercial grade low-carbon, ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur circular fuels and oils. These can be used as replacements for traditional high-emissions fossil-based fuels, and for also making new plastics. 

Job Description:


Research & Analysis



  • Assisting in day-to-day administrative tasks and weekly internal reporting to executive management both in France, and back to Global where requested.

  • Develop and ensure applicable metrics and performance indicators are in place and tracked to measure team and organisational performance based on Global/FR Standards.

  • Research on a range of subjects relating to the business and the sector in which we operate, including general market research, competitive landscape analysis, commodity markets etc.

  • Assisting on marketing, promotion, CPE branding and investor relations.

  • Conduct outreach and manage business relations in support of UK & FR Leadership and Biz Dev teams.

  • Assisting on reviewing and editing legal commercial documents, prior to final legal counsel sign off. 

  • Oversee contract administration program management based on Global/FR standards. 

  • Support the UK & FR Leadership and Biz Dev teams in finding important projects, ventures, potential targets, and other partnership opportunities in FR/EU.

  • Collaborate with executive team to determine, prioritise FR/EU business strategies.

  • Identify strategic risks and help to reduce risks, and link back to Global/FR risk strategy.


Essential requirements for role:

Fluent and/or 1st-language French speaker, proficient in business French too.  A degree similar to Finance, Business Administration, Management or Law and/or suitable work experience of the same nature. We expect the candidate to have an aptitude for numbers, excel, writing, and have an interest in strategy.  You will need to be proficient in Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc). 

Desirable requirements for role:

  • Strong work ethic – prepared to put in extra hours if required from time to time, but not regularly.

  • Evidence of ability to work effectively with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures.

  • Proven experience of effectively organising team tasks and self-ownership of projects.

  • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously to deliver against tight deadlines.

  • Must be flexible to adjust work schedule as determined by the demands of the business, therefore a certain flexibility is mandatory.

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Duration: Permanent

Start Date: April 2022

Location: Remote during COVID, then potentially part-time in French offices with remote. Willingness to travel regularly to the UK

Salary Range: 40k – 55k Euro  / annum + benefits (depending on experience)

Ready to join?

We can't wait to receive your application!

Note to Recruiters and Agencies: This opportunity is not open for recruiters or agencies, and any applicants that are received though this will be rejected. 

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