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The Problem

Waste Plastics

With today’s technology, only 9% of all plastic will ever be recycled. The rest ends up in landfill, being incinerated (huge CO2 emissions) or entering our ocean. The latter directly kills our wildlife and plastic is now shown to be in our food chain!


Fossil Fuels

Every year the world uses millions more barrels of fossil-fuel than the year before. The increase in pollutants such as SOx and NOx are poisoning our air; in addition the increase of CO2 emissions is a key cause for the climate crisis. 

Our Solution

Clean Planet Energy are launching ecoPlants across the UK and Europe which reduce the plastic and carbon problem.

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There are four key areas where our fuel is cleaner than fossil fuel...

Unlike today's methods, we enable almost any plastic to be recycled

There are 7 different types of plastic, our ecoPlants can take them all. 

No sorting needed. Just feed all the waste-plastics into the ecoPlant's hopper, and it will generate ultra-clean fuel.

  • Plastic packaging, agricultural film, food and beverage containers. Single use & non-recyclable

  • Even including types of plastic that have high oil yield: PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE

  • Some plastic contaminated? Metal slipped in? No problem. The ecoPlant can still work with up to 10% non-plastics in every load. 

Clean Planet Energy's ecoPlant can accept almost all non-recyclable waste-plastic, stopping it from entering our oceans, landfill or being incinerated.

CPE ecoPlant

Intrigued? Learn more about the ecoPlant and the process.


Clean Oceans.

Clean Air.

Clean Planet Energy.


To be the leading European renewable energy company for plastic-waste to ultra-clean fuel. 


To continuously devise and implement sustainable technology that will prevent toxic plastic waste and emissions from damaging the earth’s environment and oceans.



Clean Planet Energy's management team is led by industry professionals with expertise across the refinery, distillation, pyrolysis, operations, logistics and commodities sectors. 

With the combined experience of over 200 power-plant and refineries across the team, the management are also joined by an esteemed group of both industry professional advisors and shareholders. 

We have an open-hire policy and are always happy to receive interest from potential candidates in this field:



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Green Investment & Development Director

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