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 Buy an ecoPlant 

Maybe you've just watched "Don't Look Up" and realised action is needed now, or potentially you've been aware of the plastic and climate crises for some time, but simply don't know how to make a difference....


.... Wherever you sit, the most frequent question we get asked on social media, email and by phone is:

"How can an individual like me make a real difference?"

With just 100 companies responsible for vast majority of plastic waste and carbon emissions, it seems daunting. So we're shortly launching "Buy an ecoPlant" - where you purchase/sponsor a small part of a Clean Planet ecoPlant, which means:

You will reduce waste-plastic damage.

A Clean Planet ecoPlant removes 20,000 metric tonnes from the environment each year - that's about 12 million yoghurt pots, every day. Plastic Waste kills, and it's now even raining plastic. Help stop it.


You will slow carbon emissions

A Clean Planet ecoPlant turns waste plastics into ultra-clean fuels and circular-oils. The fuels are direct replacements for fossil-fuels, the oils make new plastics without digging from the ground. Every barrel stops 416kg of CO2 emissions. Help reduce it.

It's 2023. Make a difference...


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