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(video) #WorldEnvrionmentDay with CPE

Our environment keeps us alive, and it is everything to us. But the actions taken by humans on an 'industrial scale' have began to impact our environment dramatically. From catastrophic levels of carbon emissions, deforestation, through to plastic pollution, humans are changing the natural environment, and are in the process putting over 1 Million species at risk of extinction.

Clean Planet Energy are building ecoPlants that enable us to remove non-recyclable waste plastic from our environment and convert it into ultra-clean fuel. This is a major breakthrough in protecting our environment, but it is not a one person/company/government task - we all need to take responsibility.

We have launched our 'Nature, #LetItThrive' campaign to help spread the word and educate everyone on the small steps they can make to help our world. You can read about it here. As part of the campaign we're launching mini-docs to help present the wonder of nature. Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay, wonder at the tiny nature around you:

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