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#LetItThrive - Series 2 - Trailer

Home from afar can be a tranquil and remarkable site to behold.

But if we look closer, that changes; and that change is now occurring at extraordinary rates.

  • From Polluted Skys, transforming our weather patterns.

  • Plastic Oceans, wiping out marine life.

  • To industrial logging, driving a wedge between natural habitats.

There’s always one culprit.

Human Kind.

In our 1st series we looked close-up at the steps we must take to Let Nature Thrive Now, we again dive deep into the ecosystem that we rely on. But this time, on a journey with new perspectives.

Through the skies we see how by changing the landscapes, we impact nature... and by not just the close-up, but the microscopic, we observe the building blocks that mean our planet, our home, remains stable.

And once again we ask on you to help, to help Nature, and Let it Thrive.

Series 2 - Launching May 2021


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