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CPE live-tweets #ClimateCatastrophe documentary

On Thursday 18th April 2019 on BBC1, David Attenborough presented his latest documentary:

Climate Change - The Facts

A one off special to drive-home the facts, figures and impact of climate change. It was, as expected, a harrowing depiction of how life has changed (for the worse) and how it won't get better unless we change our ways (and fast!). During the hour we live tweeted the take-aways, here's a selection, or see them all on our twitter feed - (it was all happening pretty fast, so apologies for any typos): - It all started with a profound warning:

- We then saw the impact climate change was already having on local habbitats:

- Followed by a warning:

- Climate Change was causing super weather system:

The climate is creating refugees:

The most harrowing visual of the night. A lonely orangutan running down a felled tree to attack a digger who had just deforested his entire woodland neighbour hood.

- It's only going to get worse if we don't change:

- But there were always going to be doubters, HOW?!

- So what can we do to change our course, and what happens if we don't?

- We might be able to reverse things now, but there's a tipping point. If we hit that tipping point

The startling reality is that it's not all about what we'll put into the environment, but what our actions might unlock.

- We already have the answer, but the problem is, we're too busy cutting them down... Deforestation accounts for 1/3 of the world's CO2 emissions.

Want to know 3 things you can do to help? TODAY?

- In the UK we are making some progress.

The program ended with the words of David Attenborough. The whole show has been a stalk warning to us all, but we can't just be scared, we must ACT too:

What a show. Please watch it if you can:

Climate Change - The Facts

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