R&D and Investment

Clean Planet actively explores research & development opportunities, and makes green investments for a cleaner world.


#1 R&D Project

Mobile ecoPlant


Plastic waste is everywhere, but the world is big, and it's not always everywhere in quantities suitable for building our 20,000 MT/annum ecoPlants to dispose of it. In addition, transporting plastic waste great distances isn't ecological. Therefore what if there was a smaller, more portable option?


  • A mobile ecoPlant that can convert 365-700 MT per annum (1-2 MT a day)

  • It fits inside a shipping container for easy transport and drop-off.

  • Delivers ultra-low SOx and NOx oil for use in heavy machinery.

  • Powers itself by using the gasses emitted from the process.

  • Easy to operate with 1-2 people, meaning it can sit in local communities 

  • Suitable for communities not in reach of normal industrial infrastructure.

  • Can be suitable for processing waste PPE from hospitals


Design phase, with early prototype. 

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#2 R&D Project

Asset 1.png
Black Bag®

Next Announcement: Q3 2021


What if all waste could be made into ultra-clean fuel?

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#3 Investment Vehicle


Clean Planet


Appropriately named to acronym to CPR, Clean Planet Regeneration was founded by Clean Planet and their investment partners to breathe new life into the regeneration of our planet. 

Funding both internal R&D projects, and SEED investments (up to £500k) in 3rd party projects, CPR is mandated to assist the growth of projects that can provides solutions to the plastic and climate crises.


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The question above is the most common we receive from you at home. That's why we created the Clean Planet Collective, for adults, and the Clean Planet Club for kids.

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