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Clean Planet Energy's ecoPlants are commercially-ready, with thousands of hours of running time on the core technology. In short, they work. Using ThermoCatalytic Pyrolysis, the ecoPlants change non-recyclable waste-plastics into ultra-clean fuel.


Clean Planet Energy are in the process of building 2 ecoPlants in the UK, and over the next 5 years will expand further ecoPlants across the UK. 

All plastic waste can enter our ecoPlants, even dirty plastic!

Automatic plastic feeding and discharging system

Continuous operation with high efficiency and capacity

The ecoPlants use a no emission pyrolysis reactor!

The gas from the process powers the ecoPlant!  

The Process

Plastic Waste



We use non-recyclable waste plastic which would otherwise be sent to incineration or landfill. It is shredded down and fed 24/7 into our ecoPlant. Once it enters, it goes to the reactor...

Here a low-temperature & pressure 800°F/500 °C pyrolysis reaction occurs. The reaction moves the plastic from solid, to liquid, to gas, and back to liquid. No incineration required!

Out of the reactor, the  liquid is filtrated and condensed into mixed fuel. The gas is sent to our generator to power the ecoPlant, that's right the ecoPlant powers itself!


Once the liquid is condensed, the liquid is distilled and seperated. Here the Ultra-Clean fuel emerges!

Ultra-Clean Fuel

Ultra-Clean Fuel has 50% lower CO2 emission life-cycle than fossil-fuels, and removes all SOx and NOx pollutants!

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The ThermoCatalytic Pyrolysis process does not burn/incinerate plastic. It is a clean & green ecologically friendly process, that turns non-recyclable waste-plastic into ultra-clean fuel

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What we produce...

For every tonne of of waste-plastic that goes into our ecoPlant, we get...

Ultra-Clean, mixed, fuel. A diesel fraction which can be sold for use in trucks, industrial boilers, generators etc.. or blended in diesel and gasoline pool by refineries.  Negligible nitrogen (N0x) and sulphur (S0x) pollutant emissions when used. Clean Planet Energy reduces the CO2 output by 50% compared to fossil-fuels.

Solid Residue can be used as a clean/eco heating source similar to lean coal, or sold as carbon black

Combustible Gas which is recycled back to the ecoPlant as heat. The ecoPlant powers itself!


Our ecoPlants have a real world impact...

We'll remove 40 tonnes of plastic intake every day. That's 15,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste plastic removed from the environment every year.

We'll create 255 barrels of clean-fuel produced per day. That's 15 million litres of dirty fuel replaced every year. The equivalent of filling 200,000 trucks.

We'll remove 20 thousand tonnes of CO2 gasses from entering our air & lungs every year. Halving the emissions fossil-fuels, and also removing all poisons (NOx & SOx)

Launch Date

ecoPlant 2020

We are currently in engineering for the first two UK ecoPlants, once launched we'll look to launch 4 more over the next 5 years.

However, the #PlasticPollution and #C​limateCrisis is not something that can be solved by one company, one government, or an individual. It needs everyone to help. That is why we're in the process of starting the CPE Foundation, giving everyone the ability to help. 

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