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Green. Clean. Converting 20,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste plastics into circular products, every year.

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What is

What is an ecoPlant?

A Clean Planet ecoPlant uses patented (& patent-pending) Pyrolysis & Oil-Upgrading technology to convert hard-to-recycle waste plastics (which typically is incinerated, sent to landfill or lost in our oceans) into ultra-clean fuels and circular-Naphtha.


The fuels produced can be used as a direct replacement in fossil-fuel engines, the Naphtha can be used in plastic production to support a circular supply chain.

In addition to the eco-benefits of removing waste-plastic from environment and producing ultra-clean fuel, the ecoPlants significantly reduce process emissions compared to fossil-fuel oil refineries.

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The 'Turtle Shell'

Clean Planet's ecoPlants are built to our trademark design - The Turtle Shell. Around the world the turtle represents 'good health', 'long life' and 'mother nature' - all qualities we wish to impart on each site. 

Each Turtle Shell has an Inner and Outer shell. The Inner shell is 'processing and power', the outer shell is 'nature'. 

With low noise levels and minimal waste-heat, an ecoPlant's inner-shell is designed to circle-back wasted energy to power itself.

As with nature, every turtle shell is unique, but each holds the Clean Planet core properties within.

Everyone deserves better.

Turte Shell

ecoPlant Projects

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How it works

Turning waste plastics into ultra-clean fuel.


Up to 60 metric tonnes of non-recyclable waste plastics (per day) are shredded and fed into the ecoPlant. 

Read More about the Plastic used

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In an oxygen-free environment, the plastic hydrocarbons are broken down into small chains. These chains are then upgraded into new products; liquids, solid and gas.

Watch a video about the process


The ecoPlant generates a gas (which is reused, so the plant powers itself), a solid (which is reused in construction) and ultra-clean liquid fuels: Naphtha, Fuel Oil, Jet-Fuel and EN15950 diesel (all pop-up windows).

Read More about the Fuels Produced

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Watch it!

How it works

Working Together

We work with Local authorities, Businesses, Special Partners and You, across all our ecoPlants.



Special Partners

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Working Toethr
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Clean Planet’s liquid fuels provide at least a 75% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels.

Clean Oceans. Clean Air. Clean Planet Energy.

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UK: +44 (0)203 195 3814   

USA: +1 (713) 400 6171

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