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PRIZES Winners

Together with Scallywags, we asked over 40,000 families to show how the were helping slow the #PlasticCrisis and #ClimateCrisis, having their younger eco-warriors upload a video letting us know. You can watch 3 compilations of the entires here.  The main winners of the competition have become the voices of the Clean Our Planet animated series. 

We had the most incredible entries, and selected these 15 wonderful individuals as our finalists (although it was an almost impossible choice choosing between all entires). 

In addition we gave out prizes to the first 15 Facebook entries, and 5 random entries. We will be contacting you if you have won before the end of May!

The Finalists

Joseph, 12

I use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one, and ride my bike everywhere! 

Halima, 8

I put up signs over my town as people dump their rubbish and it’s not good for the environment. Animals can eat this rubbish and it can kill them. 


I turn un-wanted waste into art. I reduce, reuse and then recycle waste products! 


I love art and do posters to warn people about the impact of plastic pollution. I’m an aspiring Green-party politician and want to educate more people!

Florence, 5

Public Speaking Guru! The world is dying because of us people who are driving all the cars and making more factories, so we need to stop this

Esha, 6

I take a re-useable water-bottle and Tupperware to school so I don’t use disposable plastic. 

Daniel, 9

I always turn the tap off when brushing my teeth. In the morning I open the curtains instead of turning the lights on. I am the Energy of Change. 

Elahni-Ja'Nae, 5

I help the environment by recycling, sometimes my mum forgets but I remind her. 

Theia, 5

One day at school I brought in paper-bags and everyone switched their lunch away from plastic! 

Harry, 10

I care about our environment. At school a friend and I have started and eco-brick project and made 2 benches and games too! Harry, the eco-warrior! 

Francis, 7

I really love nature. We use glass bottles from the milk-man who re-uses them. I also use wax wraps for my butties. 

Kyas, 10

I would love to do this to help spread information to save the planet. I recycle, use paper bags and paper straws among other activities.  

Daniel, 12

Whenever I got out with my friends I always bring my trusted re-usable metal straw. You can also help by picking up litter and using re-useable paper bags too. 

Savvy, 10

I’m in the process of creating a nature-pond that will be filled with plants which are native to the UK to help the wildlife. 

Ese, 12

I’m very passionate about saving sea-life. Plastic straws are dangerous to aquatic life so I’ve switched to metal straws. 

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