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Clean Air


at midnight,

the world’s transport and logistic networks will prepare for another busy day. Tomorrow 100,000+ flights will depart, and 75,000+ cargo & fishing ships will set sail...

Clean Air Top

A cargo ship can use 175,000+ litres of dirty fossil fuel tomorrow.  It can release the same SOx pollutants as 300 million cars...

... that's a single ship, in a single day.

A domestic flight, for each KM travelled, for every economy passenger, will release 250g of new CO2e emissions.   

...a single passenger, traveling just 1KM of a single flight.

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It's a crisis. Record CO2e emissions are dramatically changing our environment; 43 billion tonnes were released into the atmosphere last year alone. And it's growing, fast...

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The consequences are already dire.

  • 'Once in a generation' storms, occurring annually

  • Up to 150 different species becoming extinct every day 

In the future, the world must transition to carbon-zero energy,


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at midnight,

those 100,000+ flights will still depart, and 75,000 cargo & fishing ships will continue to set sail...


what if there was solution to clean them all, tonight. 

Well, remember all that deadly plastic-waste from Chapter 2? 🤨

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 Clean Planet ecoPlants converts waste plastics into ultra-clean fuel. 

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For every 1 tonne of non-recyclable plastic inserted into an ecoPlant, out comes...

Liquid Fuels
Clean Planet Oceans.jpg



A petrochemical feedstock that can be used in plastic production to support a circular supply chain.


Ultra-Low Sulphur

EN15940 (Diesel)

Upmost premium fuel for marine, road, aviation with the highest eco standards.

Ultra-Low Sulphur

Kerosene / Jet Fuel

A direct replacement for aviation fossil fuel. 850x less NOx and SOx emissions, whilst continuing our 75% CO2e reduction promise.


Carbon Residue

The most common use is as carbon black, used as a pigment and for reinforcing in automobile tires. Other uses include belts, hoses, and other non-tire rubber goods.


A gas which is captured at the ecoPlant and used to power the machinery and reactors.  

Ultra Low Sulphur Fuels

Clean Planet’s liquid fuels, produced using our propriety upgrading process provide at least a 75% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels.

To power that cargo ship or plane tomorrow, you currently need to fill the vessels with new fossil fuels extracted from the ground. If you replace that need with CPE fuel instead, you avoid any CO2e emissions from new extraction (drilling for oil), significantly reduce refinery emissions (converting the oil into fuel), and remove the CO2e emissions from the plastic waste being incinerated. 

Our liquid fuels can STOP 

416kg of CO2e

emissions entering our atmosphere for every barrel of fuel used, compared to traditional fossil fuels.

We had the above statement (among others) peer reviewed by the following:

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Quick video overview:

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